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Website Escort Service offers you profiles of individual escorts and offers elite escort agency.

Nowadays Escort services are very popular among business people. Escort and Elite escort emphasizes a person's status in the eyes of others. In China, a very prestigious to have kept women and it emphasizes the status of the person that it contains a lot of women. In European countries, a much more prestigious to appear in public accompanied by several girls of model appearance. But many people, in order to throw dust in the eyes of others, does not contain the girls and enjoy escort services, especially in business - where services are purchased services according to the task: such appears, accompanied by a few companions to the beauties.

Also available in different variations, such as a nice person who knows many languages ​​and who do not support the forced conversation and work as a translator at a business meeting, it can also be a driver with a bodyguard or guide services. You will find a lot of escort escort profiles to your taste on our site individual escorts and elite escort agencies and escort services paramilitary escorts.


Accompanied by one other person in the society, and entered into the everyday vocabulary of 100 years ago, but the history of the earliest known instances of escort services.

The history of escort is well documented and has been known since 3000 BC in China and the early civilizations in Japan, Greece, Egypt and China records show that its use varies by social and religious rituals and activities, and it was found that they improve the status of influential people. All of these countries, as in the past, and now famous for its customs and escort services.

Around 2000 BC. e. It found that two imperial subjects to Sun Hui Vchay Take out and Su Khim realized the importance of the relationship between ritual escort support and the importance of using this service influential nobles in the ordinary everyday life of the palace life. In consequence of that in 3 years 2 escort battalion of 500 people were organized.

Also, it is for certain known and earlier references to escort services from novoshumerskih books dating back to 2000 BC. e., in the first mid-19th century during the excavation of the city Novoshumersk artifact was found in a pile of clay tablets in the amount of 37 pieces on which was scrawled the text of divine lingam, this artifact is known throughout the world as a book rusdosug. In this literature there are references to a meeting of the rich overseas honorable nobles, led by the chief of the Chinese helmsman Nakatika Yave Buka who have used the service of the elite escort to the palace and entertainment conversations in the idle time that does not border with the signing of a trade agreement, but commits to attend to it, so that this service can be safely attributed to the services of an elite escort,

After tens of thousands of years, namely since the 18th century AD, meaning escort escort began to be used in the military and political reality. Examples: escort ships, escort the emperor's escort of the president and in all cases completely absent podsmysl which was fixed for this phrase at the end of the 20th century, about the abuse of this escort will be written later.

Escort in its many forms, is increasingly seen as an aid to increase the status in the eyes of the people around them. It is these feelings of envy and should call an escort in the eyes of others, that some people recognize the signs of great wealth and power.

The term "escort" comes from frantsuzkogo escorte or from Italian scorta meaning "support". It is for certain the exact origin is unknown and portrayed in different views of scientists, but the essence of the process is one in every odds.

Since the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century as an escort service and strip steel used in Russia as a smokescreen to cover up sex services, namely prostitution and legalization of business and money laundering. In which in fact I was missing the very meaning of the escort, and provided the elite or just a prostitute model looks very wealthy clients.

Since the beginning of the 1st decade of the 21st century opened many agencies around the country offering escort services to civilians, but not under the guise of prostitution as it is in its original form as it was many years ago, where there is no intimate service and there is support with on entertainment services korotaniya for idle time or underscore his status in the society, to the services of professional bodyguards. It is also open escort agency using military technology to protect customers in the ducts and other local conflicts other life-threatening events.

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